Monday, October 7, 2013

Someone has a case of the Mondays...

No really, I do. It poured rain last night. Which was actually pretty great! We have needed the rain. But the excitement of all the rain, among other factors, caused me to have a serious brain fart. I forgot to roll up my car windows, so now everything is soggy. Then, mine and my husband's tempers decided to not get a long this morning. Calvin has selective hearing issues today along with an apparent need to perfect his whine. Now it's noon and I've done nothing so far today. All I want to do is nap. Uhg. So today I am without my typical cheer and wit. I'm just, here. And at this point I'll take it.

The boys and I went grocery shopping last night and we have our plan for the week. As usual, I have not assigned a meal to a particular day. We'll just see where the week takes us...

Steak quesadillas
tex-mex bean medley

Baked chicken parmesan
rotini pasta
side salads with homemade vinaigrette

Chicken 'n' dumplings soup

Ham steak
homemade potatoes Au Gratin
peas for the boys and some other green veg for me

oven fries
veggie sticks
deviled eggs

Other things that need to be made this week:
Rice krispies treats
Biscuits [to be frozen]
Ratatouille [can you believe I didn't make this AT ALL over the summer?!]
pumpkin pie [one to freeze and one for Charlie to share with his co-workers]


Oh! Before I forget...We had calzones last night for dinner. I couldn't find a pizza dough recipe I was particularly happy with, so I made one up. It was WONDERFUL! I wrote it down last night after dinner. I think I'll test it one more time to be certain it wasn't a fluke, then I'll share it. The dough comes together easily, but the method takes a little patience. Also be on the look out for a pumpkin bread recipe that is just a bit different.

What are you having this week?

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  1. Chili & cornbread

    Taco mac w/black beans

    Lemon parmesan chicken pasta

    Unstuffed peppers

    Pasta & meatballs

    Cheese tortellini (w/ tomato dipping sauce)

    Make it work night

    I have it all planned out even down to snacks of the week (hummus & tortilla chips/cut veggies, popcorn, crackers & cheese), and I'm supposed to be trying to make cinnamon rolls this week. Which is intimidating as hell for me. Especially as I don't want to just make plain old cinnamon rolls, but make orange flavored ones with orange flavored icing. I haven't done a yeast bread in years, and it's making me nervous.

    1. Tell me more about these unstuffed peppers... (please)

      Also, don't be nervous about making yeast breads! Just have some patience and let it rise. On the flip side, there is no need to be a slave to your dough. In most cases, for the home cook, exact timing down to the minute isn't important when it comes to proofing. I go run my errands and keep busy between each rise. If I don't, I'm constantly checking the time or the dough. And remember to add any salt the recipe calls for last. I mix in my flavorings and flour to the yeast mixture, give it a quick stir, then add the salt before finishing up the mixing process. I'm sure it'll be great!


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