Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy National Dessert Day!

Novemeber 1st, 2012- Calvin's first birthday and real taste of
Or Columbus Day (even though you're not supposed to celebrate that anymore). Or, if you're Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving!

As an American and a person that chooses not to bicker about ridiculous political and social...stuff, I'm celebrating desserts. Everyone okay with that? Good! Besides, why in the world would you not want to celebrate dessert? I mean, really. In culinary school, my favorite class was the plated desserts class. It was the one course I took where we had a lot of freedom to be as creative with flavors and designs as possible. Plus, I have an insatiable sweet tooth. To me, ice cream is great year 'round. I enjoy a well made cake and while I don't like that they are so flippin' trendy right now, cupcakes make me happy in the silliest of ways. I like pie; of course apple and pumpkin are popular this time of year. I like more complex desserts like bavarians or ultra flaky pastries. A good Italian-American Spumoni is *amazing*. But one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is a butter yellow cake with fudgey, chocolate frosting. It's the absolute best to me. How are you going to celebrate National Dessert Day?


In other news, I've got our meal plan for the week ready to go. We're having chicken and dumpling soup tonight since I didn't get around to making it last week. As usual, I have not assigned a meal to a specific day because...I don't wanna. I'm a free woman and you can't make me!

cornbread "casserole"
cheese/green onion/sour cream for topping

homemade pierogi

Teriyaki chicken
stir fry veggies
steamed rice

Pork roast
**whipped sweet potatoes with coconut and ginger
squash/applesauce/green veggie

Homemade meatball subs
side salads

Some kind of fancy grilled cheese that Charlie hasn't decided on yet
oven fries/veggie sticks

Other things to be made this week:
pickled carrots
Pumpkin pies (2)- never got made last week
Halloween cookies!
Biscuits- for the freezer

*The idea to have chili was totally yoinked from a good friend of mine. Also, at her suggestion, I will be researching the subject of corn bread. It's a truly American food and each region of the country has it's own opinion on it. If you happen to have an opinion on cornbread and wouldn't mind helping me with my research, send me an e-mail. Tell me how you prepare yours or how you like it to be prepared (and if you don't mind sharing what region of the country you're from, I'd appreciate it. You don't have to be terribly specific if you don't want to.) Email:

**I'm trying a new recipe from this month's Food and Wine mag (pg 190)

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