Sunday, August 22, 2010

The GEEKY Gourmet

I have some fantastic news! I am now the very proud host of a new podcast coming to an Internet portal near you! That's right. "The Geeky Gourmet" is a podcast hosted by myself and a very good friend of mine, Howie (who is also my producer). We're talking about all things food and not holding back. You'll hear us discuss cookbooks, produce, eating seasonally, kitchen gadgets, tailgating food, wine, coffee, pig milk, recipes, food trends, meat, grocery stores and markets...anything and everything in between. Our goal is to talk about food and have fun doing it. We want to encourage others to embrace the many aspects of the culinary world and maybe even teach them something new.

We just got done recording the inaugural show. It was a lot of fun and we're both extremely excited! At the moment, it's a fun side project, but the sky is the limit. Once we get a few shows under our belts, we'll see where it takes us. **IT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 27** Next Friday is our "grand opening".

I'll be posting a link to the weekly podcast here on my blog, on our Facebook page, our Twitter, and it will be available on the host site too. We are working on getting a phone number set up to a voice mail account, as well, where listeners will be able to call in and ask questions.

I will be updating with recipes that I mention on the show, more details of what we talked about, and lessons learned from that week. I'd also love to answer any questions that I didn't get to answer on the podcast. And yes. I will continue to update normally with new things that are going on, recipes, rants, etc. So fear not! The new media isn't going to my head ;-)

I honestly can't express how excited I am about this. I hope y'all are, too!

<3 Elle

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