Saturday, May 11, 2013

Photo Friday x 2

I missed last week, for whatever reason. I think I had a severe case of mommy brain. That's what I'm going with, anyway. So you get 2 pictures this week! Yay for you!

This was last summer when I first started letting Calvin really
try to feed himself. 

This was taken last month while he was attempting to eat
(homemade) ramen. I'm not sure how much progress we've made,
but he sure is cute!

I can't stress enough how fast everything changes. In the first picture, he was just dabbling; playing with his applesauce more than eating it. But, for the most part, I was still feeding him myself. We were also still experimenting with new foods and textures. The only thing he had made up his mind about not liking was green beans. In the second picture, he insisted on helping himself. He still allowed me to guide him a little and I promise more noodles ended up in his tummy than on his head. But in just a month's time, even that has changed. He won't let me spoon feed him at all, anymore. He refuses to take a bite until I give him the spoon. This baby has severe "I do it myself!" syndrome. And Mr. Personality here is no longer a fan of broccoli and insists on dipping as much food as possible (noodles into sauce, biscuits into gravy, anything into ketchup). I blame his father. For the hatred of green beans and the love of dipping anything into ketchup.

This post reminds me...Homemade Ramen post coming soon!

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