Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When last we met...

...Our heroine was unemployed and had too much time on her hands. This allowed her to rant and rave about idiotic television shows. The reason you haven't heard from her since June? She got a job and has been fantastically busy trying to earn a living!

Alright, enough with the third person. It hurts my brain. But yes, I am now gainfully employed and I feel comfortable and settled enough in said job to talk about it with little fear of jinxing myself. And it all started with a message on Facebook.

I was working on a spreadsheet, re-organizing my job hunting processes when I realized I had a message on Facebook. It was from Matt, the former sous chef at Jax, the Bistro where I held my first official restaurant job. When Jax closed (two months after I began working there), we all went our separate ways and I really didn't keep in touch with anyone...with the exception of being "friends" with a few of them on that little social networking site we all love to hate. It's a good thing, too, because he offered me a position as a garde manger at the restaurant he is currently working at. I was surprised that he even remembered me. But after a few phone calls and in-person interviews with the general manager and the owner, I'm SO VERY glad he did remember me.

The restaurant is called Sullivan's Metropolitan Grill. It's in downtown Anderson, about two blocks away from Jax (which is now the Main Street Deli, I believe). The kitchen is small, but nice. I work with a great group of people and I have a pretty rockin' schedule. The schedule may change as the "busy season" gets closer, but for now I still have weekends off. And in this industry? That's dream worthy. My boss isn't a drunk or an uptight, shady European with jealousy issues. And let me tell you, that is a major plus.

I'll admit that I'm tired. Getting back into the swing of things has taken more time than I'd anticipated. But I'm happy to be employed. I'm happy to have an income again. I'm happy to be in a kitchen again. I'm just...happy. It's great!

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