Monday, September 6, 2010

Fat Show Follow-Up

Just a few things to mention in regards to the Fat Show on The Geeky Gourmet:

  • Lemon confit using beef tallow? TERRIBLE idea. I'm going to give myself a little bit of credit for experimentation, but that's it. It's vile. Just don't do it.
  • Hot Doug's in Chicago- If you have the opportunity to go, DO IT! If I ever get the chance to visit Chicago, I know I'm going. And if you do go, report back. Please let us know how you liked it. (P.S. It has it's own theme song!)
  • The Chip Shop has 2 different locations and can be found online here. *site makes noise
  • To find out more about the Texas State Fair and all of it's fried food glory, check this out.
There are a few more recipes to come; I believe I still owe y'all a few fig recipes. So, keep watching and listening!


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  1. I know I'm a bit behind but google reader had failed me and marked a lot of blogs as read even though they weren't. So, I didn't realize this post existed until now.

    I just had to comment and say that Hot Doug's is very good. I've been there numerous times and it's well worth it. There's a lot of competition for good places of the burger and/or hot dog joint here in Chicago but that one is definitely one of the best.


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