Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Chapters

My hope is for this blog to be predominantly about my culinary adventures. I'll soon be done with culinary school (I hope), so I might have thought about starting this project a bit earlier. None the less I'm here. writing now. I'm going to attempt to stay focused on food, recipes, new skills, culinary school, work, and how my newish journey in the culinary world helps me with my friends, family, and life. So here we go...

I've discovered quite recently that I find solace in food shopping. When I've had a particularly bad day or experience, it helps to go to a market. When things get scrambled, difficult, sad, or confusing I go to the one place where none of those feelings don't seem to apply to me. Food, or maybe ingredients, don't confuse me the way life does. I'm very sure of myself when it comes to food. I can take butter, flour, cheese, and milk and turn those ingredients into a sauce, bread, or a dessert. None of that saddens me, confuses me, or makes me angry. I've thought so hard, searching for something else that doesn't confuse me the way food doesn't. I can't come up with anything. Love is wonderful, but at times is so confusing I want to pull my hair out. I have an amazing family, but there will always be times of anger or confusion between one or more of us. We all belong to each other, but we are very different people with distinct beliefs and personalities. We are bound to butt heads every now and again. Even God can be confusing at times. But somehow, food remains the one thing I've figured out. Food can't talk back to me. It can't hurt my feelings (though cutting onions does make me cry). I'm not even allergic to anything, so short of choking on a bit of bone, seeds, or a pit of some kind food can't physically harm me*. I think that's why I am on the path I'm on. I still have a lot to learn about food (and life, for that matter). But I'm very confident in what I already know and I'm confident in my abilities. It is the one thing I can completely understand given time and knowledge.

*I will admit, however, that bacon hates me. No matter how I dry it off, what temperature I cook it at, or what brand I use bacon continues to burn me with it's grease when I cook it on a stove top. But how I love bacon so. I'll take the burns for it, regardless.


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